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How Artificial Intelligence Can Give Your Content Marketing Team Superpowers

artificial intelligence

If you’re in the content marketing industry, you know that having a team of experts can help your company reach its goals. But what if we told you that you could give your team superpowers with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)?

Could it save you a lot of time and make your team more productive?

AI has become increasingly popular in recent months and years as it is being used in many different industries. Of course some are afraid of this new technology but it looks like it is here to stay with Google onboard. 

 In this blog post, we’ll explore 7 ways AI can enhance your content marketing team and give them superpowers. 

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Content Marketing

There are seven tools that help your content marketing team develop their superpowers. Each does different things but can be a great resource for your marketing team. These tools can be looked at as a resource or an assistant to the marketer’s job – not to replace their job.  

AI Automation Tools

1. Automation Tools: AI-driven automation tools can help take mundane tasks off your content marketing team’s plate, such as posting to social media or creating reports. Automating these tasks frees up time for more important work, like brainstorming campaigns or crafting blog posts. 

This can also help keep your content consistent across all channels and increase efficiency. My favorite tool for this is Jasper AI. It has saved me a lot of time over the past year creating more content  for the four blogs I manage. 

However, you can also measure your content with the help of AI automation tools. 

Creating Content with AI

2. Content Curation: AI-powered tools can be used to curate content from around the web for use on your website or social media accounts. This saves time spent manually researching and finding interesting articles to share with your followers. 

However, with that said I do recommend you check the facts on any AI tools you use. Even with Jasper AI, I’ve found some outdated facts and leaning facts in one direction.   

What other AI Content Tools Are There Out There?

OPEN AI, known as Chat GPT – You probably heard of this one as it’s been talked about everywhere the past few weeks and months. It began as a free offering, and they have a premium version priced at $20 per month at the present day of this post.

Bing – Now has their own AI web browser, it came out just recently on February 7, 2023. This allows for more browser apps/extensions to deliver AI tools right to you. 

Facebook – Developing their own form of AI for the near future to remain competitive.

Twitter- Elon Musk is working on AI as well as he has been speaking out about the “leaning” of AI. He wants free speech to be included in his form of AI.

Gab – An alternative social network has AI for graphics and is working on producing more of AI content for the alternative “lean.” 

Others Competitive to Jasper: 

Scalenut – Builds topical authority with content strategies & keyword clusters, powered by AI. Their pricing starts at $23/mo. for 100,000 words. They offer 40+ ai templates.

Writesonic – Looks very similar to Jasper ai and claims to generate content 10x faster like Jasper. They allow a free plan of up to 6,200 words per month. $12.67 a month gets you 47,500 words per month.

Frase io – Writes marketing copy for you with the aid of AI. Mostly for ads, emails, and marketing copy like landing pages. – Writes email and blog content faster. They do offer a free plan but only allow 2,000 words per month. Their $36/mo. plan offers unlimited words.

Article Forge – Another powerful ai content creator that says, “Get HIGH QUALITY content in one click.” It can write 1,500-word blog posts automatically. It is less expensive than Jasper ai but with less copy. 

Jasper AI boss mode offers 100,000 words while Article Forge’s less expensive plan is for 10,00 words. Jasper also offers 50+ AI templates. 

 So, as often said, you do get what you pay for. 

Personalizing Your Content

3. Personalized Content: AI-driven algorithms can identify user interests and preferences in order to personalize the content they are served with on your website or social media accounts. This ensures that each user is served relevant and engaging content tailored specifically to their needs, increasing engagement and conversions. 

Of course, you can add more of YOU into the post and I highly recommend you do. Add your experiences and thoughts into each piece of content you create.

Here’s an example of personalizing the content and adding a piece of yourself into the post that recently went live on the Gaenzle Marketing blog: How I Found Renewed Inspiration Along 2400 Miles of Highway and a Handful of Roadside Attractions

content marketing strategy services

Insights Automated

4. Automated Insights: AI-powered insights provide invaluable information about how users interact with your website and which pieces of content are performing best, allowing you to optimize campaigns quickly and easily based on real data rather than guesswork or intuition alone. 

This is a real help, and you don’t have to adjust much along the way.

Predict Customer Behavior

5. Predictive Analytics: Predictive analytics allow marketers to predict customer behavior in order to develop strategies tailored toward their individual needs and wants before they happen, ensuring that campaigns are optimized for maximum impact before launch day even arrives! 

Now, that’s something you may not be able to do 100% on your own. Some people have a knack for it more than others. 

However, talking to customers regularly and being in touch with them helps you understand their behavior and needs more. That’s a must-do tip for you and your business.

Speech to Text 

6. Natural Language Processing: With natural language processing (NLP), machines can understand human speech as well as written text, making it easier to analyze user interactions with websites or chatbots and providing more accurate responses than ever before.

As long as you have a way to oversee these for when things don’t work so well, it’s a great way to help customers find what they are looking for on your website. 

This can save you precious time answering the same questions over again from different customers about your products or services. It is also helpful to have a FAQ section on your website.

Learning Algorithms 

7. Machine Learning Algorithms: By using machine learning algorithms, marketers can quickly identify patterns within large datasets that would be difficult or impossible for humans alone to detect—offering invaluable insight into how customers behave online so that campaigns can be tailored accordingly.

Yes, it could take you years if ever to identify some of the algorithm patterns that machines can do in minutes. 

This is a great tool to help you market to the right people at the right time. 

Final Thoughts on AI to Give Your Marketing Team Superpowers

Artificial intelligence is rapidly becoming an integral part of any successful digital marketing strategy—and it’s not hard to see why.  

From tools to help marketers create new content, optimize it for SEO and create new graphics all with the help of AI tools, it’s a must have toolset for writers and marketers alike.  

With the help of AI-powered tools, marketers have access to powerful insights that enable them to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately allowing them to create targeted campaigns that maximize ROI while giving their content marketing teams superpowers!

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be well equipped for success in today’s competitive digital landscape. Have you begun your superpowers with AI for content marketing?

3 Responses

  1. The speech to text can be a powerful application because it saves ample time. ai can be incredibly helpful if used as a tool not a solution for thinking, feeling and business-building. You always present it as a tool, a supplement, an add-on, which is really key for using it mindfully, responsibly and ethically. Other folks do not present it as ethically. Smart post Lisa. Keep up the great blogging work. Good to see you here on Anthony’s blog!

    1. Hi Ryan, yes, that’s a great one for sure with AI. Yes, it is a TOOL for all, it cannot replace how we feel or think. It helps us to get more done quicker. It can increase productivity as well. Thanks for coming by Ryan.

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