How to Maintain Blogging Momentum: Two Humbling Blogging Truths

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I opened No Follow links for my blog commenters again. Scrolling back over the years to touch base with bloggers who commented on Blogging From Paradise reveals two online business truths:

Most online entrepreneurs quit.

Successful online entrepreneurs possess the most passion which fuels them to keep going until they succeed.

Most Bloggers Quit

For whatever reason, most bloggers who published comments on Blogging From Paradise from 2014 quit. I know this because I clicked through comments from posts I published during the year 2014.

Some bloggers quit because they choose to explore a different passion. Most bloggers quit because they tire of failing to drive traffic and profits.

The few who succeed harbor a passion, unlike the majority of bloggers. This passion drives bloggers to keep going even if traffic and profit numbers dwindle or seem non-existent for a long time.

I have experienced amazing highs and deflating lows since I began blogging some 15 years ago. Being passionate energized me to blog during depressing lows when nothing seemed to be working but also balanced me during the highest of highs.

Most bloggers succumb to wild excitement on reaching big goals. The crash always follows. Success is like a drug to bloggers who lack passion because as the high fades the depression sets in. Being passionate about blogging pulls the highs and lows closer together over the years in order to create a calm, relaxed, detached sense of confidence in all that you do online.

Why Does Blogging Humble You?

I believed I was a big, bad, highly skilled blogger a few years into my career as a blogger. But few people visited my blog, I did not make much money and few humans knew me outside of a very tight circle.

Even though my ego pumped me up, blogging broke me down. I believed I was a hotshot. Struggles hosed me down, dousing my egotistical fire and humbling me soundly.

Image: Blogging traffic ups and downs can cause anxiety – Source

Blogging also humbles wildly successful individuals who realize this: all success in this space flows through a community of like-minded people.

I fully understand that Blogging From Paradise is the work of 1000’s upon 1000’s of human beings who played some role in visiting my blog, promoting me, endorsing me, buying my stuff, or hiring me.  I am actually a very small part of what makes Blogging From Paradise go.

My community really makes it happen. Knowing that I would experience no success without my tribe humbles me, makes me feel grateful, and prevents the ego from ever calling the shots with my blogging campaign, again.

Why Does Passion Fuel Blogging Success?

I cannot stress enough how much you need to love blogging to do it for 15,000 plus hours spanning 15 years of your life. I am 47 years old. Having blogged for 32% of my life in terms of a year commitment has been about 1/3rd of my current life span.

Passion alone drove me to give that much of my life to a gig that yielded nothing tangible for a long time. Passion also guided me to blog during dry spells after I experienced some success.

If you love blogging you keep pushing forward. If you do not love blogging you will quit sooner rather than later. Most bloggers do not genuinely love what they do because most bloggers quit. The few bloggers who go pro for a long, freeing career in the space possess an ever-expanding wild-fire of blogging passion within.

Do not bother blogging unless you feel passionate about this gig. Failure awaits bloggers who chase profits or popularity because both arrive only after you blog the right way for a long time. Passion fuels you during that long time frame. Passion-less bloggers struggle, fail, and quit every time because when numbers do not show up these individuals lose their motivation.

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Do You Want to Quit Blogging?

Even passionate bloggers consider quitting here and there. Frustrated humans often wonder: is blogging worth it?

In these moments of doubt, understand that every single blogger suffers through similar feelings of hopelessness at times during their blogging career. Passionate bloggers ride out these lows to see the journey through because their love of what they do almost always overrides their fear of failing.

Remember why you started. Revisit your passion. Kindle the fire, and make it fun again.

Blogging offers you an almost supernatural level of leveraging potential. I noted recently how a post on Blogging From Paradise beat out a billion-dollar company twice in ranking #1 on Google. How else can a solopreneur with a loyal, loving tribe beat out a company with 10,000 employees?

Blogging levels the business playing field like few mediums on earth.

But you need to possess an intense passion for what you do to succeed.

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