Helping Odyssey Find Its Brand Voice and Grow

Odyssey Group Wealth Advisors is a financial advising firm located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The firm launched in 2018, and in its quest to grow quickly in the Central Pennsylvania region, Odyssey reached out to our team for help. We began working with Odyssey while our team was at a different agency. They loved our work so much, that when we decided to launch our own firm, the Odyssey team came along for the journey.

The project kicked off with a full website redesign. Our talented brand strategists and copywriters developed a new story for the brand and crafted a narrative to appeal to the firm’s four audience segments.

Read on to find out more about the project and the results Odyssey saw from our efforts.

How we lifted up our client’s market presence

Visibility got a lift

Our team worked with the folks at Odyssey on the execution of a targeted SEO strategy. The strategy began with a rewrite of the site’s content with a focus on critical, high-intent keywords. We sprinkled in some link building, a touch of optimized content, and local SEO efforts. This is what happened.

125% increase in organic traffic, nine critical keywords ranking top 10, and 10-pt domain authority (DA) increase.

The leads rolled in

Prior to launching the new website, Odyssey Group relied mainly on old-fashioned, in-person lead gen. After partnering with our team, we were able to help the firm boost lead generation via their new website by creating lead magnets in the form of eBooks and promoting them via ads and social media.

100s of eBook downloads, new clients signed, and a significant boost in the brand’s pipeline.

Social and content

Odyssey wanted to take their website from a static site with limited info to a place where visitors could learn and connect with the brand. We helped them do that with a focused editorial strategy coupled with a strong social media presence. The brand’s reputation grew and the conversations began.

Social media followers grew by 350% over three channels, and article shares increased considerably.

What our happy client has to say…

Rachel Shenk Odyssey Group

The team’s expertise is invaluable – from strategic vision, launching our website, enhancing our social media strategy, and more – They truly took our marketing initiatives to the next level. Couldn’t be happier!
– Rachel Shenk – Odyssey Group Wealth Advisors

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