How Can Quality Copywriting Enhance Your Website’s Performance and Grow Your Business?

quality copywriting for business

Ever land on a website, and you just can’t figure what the company offers or how their products or services work?

The problem isn’t that the company’s products or services are bad. The problem is much more likely that the copy on the website is poorly written.

Quality copywriting is critical in creating a website that helps visitors easily understand the value your business adds to their lives and the problems you solve. Quality copywriting guides visitors easily through your site to the info they seek. It moves them into your pipeline and leads to increases in your conversion rates.

It’s so important that you audit the copy on your entire website. Not just the home page. Look at your landing pages. Your products and services pages. Your blog articles. The info about your company and your team.

You get it, right? I’m talking about every single page on your site. Each page should be written with a consistent brand message and with consistent goals in mind to drive business.

So, are you starting to get the importance of quality copywriting a bit now? Let’s dig a bit deeper and look at how the copy on your site can boost your site’s performance and help you grow your business.

First, let’s dig into exactly what copywriting is, so you have a high-level understanding as we walk through some deeper-level details.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting involves writing text for the purposes of advertising or marketing. This includes written text for advertisements, for marketing collateral, for your website, and for other types of communication aimed at moving prospective customers or clients into your pipeline and generating increased sales for your business.

Copywriting is used to help brands increase awareness of the value that the brand’s products or services bring to the market. It works to then persuade a target audience to take specific actions with the goal of growing the business.

How can quality copywriting improve your website’s performance?

We’ve briefly touch on how copywriting can help you drive business results, but let’s take a deeper look into the subject. We’ll explore a few specific ways that quality copywriting can help boost your site’s performance, generate leads, and grow your business.

Landing page conversions

Landing pages are the pages on your site designed to capture leads and move people through the buyer’s journey. These pages gain traffic through the means of tactics like email marketing, social media posts, advertising, and search engine optimized content.

When a site visitor winds up on one of your landing pages, they are much more likely to convert if the landing page has crisp, clear, and engaging copy. The copy you write on your landing pages should clearly state the following:

  • What brand you are associated with
  • The value visitors get from converting
  • What you expect them to do (the call-to-action)

Here is a great example from SEMrush.

semrush landing page
Image: SEMrush landing page example – Source

As you can see, the SEMrush copywriters lead with “Skyrocket Your Marketing Like Our Clients Did.”

What’s so great about this? For starters, SEMrush tells you what you’ll get by taking the desired action. You’ll skyrocket your marketing.

Then they follow up with a little social proof by adding “like our clients did”. This shows that it works. And if you know anything about SEMrush, they have thousands upon thousands of clients, so obviously it works, right?

The button pops off the page in orange on a purple background, so the call-to-action of “try it for free” really stands out.

The copy here is simple, but it’s very effective. Your landing page copy is critical to your company’s success, and you can really boost your pipeline with well-written landing pages.

Digital advertising actions

When you put money into digital advertising or digital marketing, you kind of want it to work, right? By using the right copy in your digital ads, you can easily convince people to click, which leads them to the landing pages we discussed above.

The thing is, though, it’s getting more and more challenging to stand out or even be seen with ads, so when your ad is seen, you need to make it count.

Here’s an example of copy written specifically for a Google Ads campaign focused on targeting healthcare organizations. The ad is promoting a patience experience tool.  

Image: Example of digital ad appearing in search results

As you can see, the ad mentions a free giveaway. It speaks to the search intent. It talks about the value you receive. And it ends with a clear CTA to click and learn more.

This is just one example of copywriting for digital ads. Whether you’re running ads on a network like Google Ads, writing copy for social media ads, or crafting a clever line for a display ad campaign, the copy you write can have a serious impact on whether or not your ads generate new revenue or simply cost you more money.

Email marketing opens and clicks

Email marketing is a powerful tool to help you grow your business and drive people to your website. And while the copy on your website is where the real conversions happen, they start with the copy in your emails.

If the copy you write for your emails isn’t enough to convince recipients to open and then ultimately click on a link back to your website, your email campaigns will fail.

Good email copy starts with the subject line. If your subject line doesn’t catch the recipient’s attention, your open rate will fail. And if you have a low open rate, logic follows that clickthrough actions to your website will be low as well.

Stats show that over 65% of emails are ignored, and a large chunk of those emails are ignored due to poor-quality subject lines.

Here are some excellent examples of emails subject lines that worked, shared by the team as Optin Monster.

Image: Email lines courtesy of Optin Monster article – Source

As you can see from these examples, adding a sense of urgency can be one great way to convince your recipients to open the email.

Other options include adding a little humor, making an outside-the-box statement, sprinkling in a little mystery. There are lots of great ways to grab attention and pull your recipients in and convince them to open the email.

Then, once the email is open, your copy should be short and to the point. If you can, at least personalize your emails with the name of the recipient, and then get to the point quickly with the value and the ask to convince the person to click.

Great copy in your email marketing campaigns can drive significant traffic to your website. And if your landing page copy is optimizing when they arrive, you stand to give a serious boost to your pipeline.

Get social with your copy

Social media copy is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. Each post you create for your brand’s social media channels should have a purpose that in some way connects to your overarching business goals.

Boost your website traffic by convincing followers to click on a post about an article. Sell more products with posts that offer a discount and link back to related product pages. Convince followers to click on a link to download an eBook or sign up for your newsletter.

These are all examples of why social media copywriting is so important to your marketing strategy.

Whatever your goals may be, it’s critical that your social media copy is written with such goals in mind. If you can’t relate your social media posts back to your overarching marketing strategy, maybe consider not publishing the post in question.

Companies are starting to catch on to the importance of having a talented social media copywriter at your disposal. Whether you outsource your social media marketing to an agency or hire someone to join your team, it’s super important that you make an investment here.

According to, companies are paying social media copywriters an average of $61,000 or more per year. This shows the value companies attribute to social media copy and the price they’re willing to pay.

Here’s a great example of social media copywriting in a Tweet from Apple TV.

Image: Apple TV promoted Tweet copywriting example – Source

The Tweet is a cleverly written promoted Tweet advertising the new season of Apple TV’s hit show, The Morning Show. The Tweet ends with a call-to-action asking users to click on the “heart” symbol on the Tweet. The copy clearly then states that by doing so you will receive updates about the show from the brand.

Social media is a powerful tool both organically and paid. And if you have talented social media copywriters on your side, you stand to do some serious selling via your social channels by driving targeted traffic back to your products and services.

In conclusion

The four examples above aren’t the only types of copywriting you can use in marketing and advertising to boost your website’s performance. You can also write copy aimed at catching the search engines’ crawlers in the hopes that your site will pop up higher in search.

You can write copy for your brand messaging to help your brand connect on a deeper level with your audience. There’s public relations copy aimed at presenting your brand in a positive light through things like press releases or public statements by your company.

There’s also technical copywriting. This is written with the goal of clearly and easily explaining complex products and services so that the end user can understand the value and why they’d need them.

Whatever form your copywriting needs take, the key is to take those needs seriously and bring in someone who really knows what they’re doing. I’ve worked with lots of business owners who thought they knew how to write quality copy, but the results just weren’t there.

But when they reached out to hire professionally copywriters, we were able to step in and take their copy to the next level. It’s amazing what quality copywriting can do for a business, so take it seriously, and either hire someone in house to handle it, or outsource the work to an agency that specializes in copywriting.

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  1. Hey Anthony,

    Thank you for sharing this amazing article. I love reading this article. Quality copywriting is critical in creating a website that helps visitors easily understand the value your business adds to their lives and the problems you solve. It also helps to increase awareness of the brand’s product or services bring to the market.

    I also agree with you that quality copywriting can help boost your site performance, generate leads and grow your business. You have really explained everything in very detailed manner. I really learned a lot from this article and surely recommend this to my friends and family.


    1. Hi, Ruhee! Thanks for stopping by and reading the article. Much appreciated! Copywriting is truly a game-changer. Without quality, engaging, targeted copy on your site (and in your other marketing and advertising efforts), you can really miss out on a lot of opportunities to grow your business

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